My Backstory

For over  25 years I wrote, edited and managed news teams for some of the world’s  most influential business publications. I now work as a freelance writer  based in Australia. I was formerly Melbourne Bureau Chief of the  Australian Financial Review, Economics Editor for Business Day and  London-based News Editor for Dow Jones Newswires. I have also  contributed to New York’s Business Week, the London-based Investors’  Chronicle, the Financial Mail in Johannesburg, The Sunday Times and  Finance Week.

I have reported at the forefront of  several seminal business and economic events. In my early days, I wrote a  stream of exclusive stories describing secret negotiations among US and  European banks about financial sanctions against South Africa; my  Melbourne beat included the big mining houses, including Rio Tinto and  BHP, at a time when they were being stalked by corporate raiders; in  London I covered the amalgamation of 11 European currencies into the  single European currency, the euro; and oversaw the reporting of fast  breaking financial stories in the uncertain times immediately after  9/11. I have reported on the so-called Cambridge Cluster of high tech  companies and monitored some remarkable disruptive technologies that  will have a worldwide impact in the next few years. I have written  regular analysis pieces on corporate strategy, management, economics and  foreign exchange. I have produced reports and articles for a wide range  of enterprises and for several governments.

I am married to the lovely Rosie and have three wonderful children, each of whom is lovely in their own particular way.

I am the author of six books. Click through the links to find out more about them.

The Ghosts of Great Zimbabwe: An imagined journey (2017)

Bull Market: The rise and eclipse of Australian stock exchanges (2016)

NIMBY! Aligning regional economic development practice to the realities of the 21st Century (2012)

Meanjin to Brisvegas: Brisbane’s journey from colonial backwater to new world city (2014)

How to explain why you’re vegetarian to your dinner guests (2004)

Churchill’s Mole Hunt (2006), a work of historical fiction

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