Some people can’t  abide vegetarians. It touches a raw nerve in them. They probably don’t  know themselves why it causes them so much angst. Are they  subconsciously concerned about eating other beings every day? Or are  they sceptical of something they don’t understand that calls into  question their own lifestyle?

Whatever the  reason, all vegetarians will have experienced tough questioning from  dinner guests; the sort of that meat eaters never face. This book is a  report on the reasons for being vegetarian. It considers three keys  areas – the environment, health and ethics – and outlines the reasons  why vegetarians have made their choice. I add some of my own experiences  to highlight and amplify research findings.

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Times have changed for regional economic development. Back in the not-too-far-off  good old days, announcements of a new factory setting up in town or the  approval granted for a new large apartment block would have been widely  accepted and even applauded by communities.


Now, mostly  they are not. NIMBY has become the standard cry. Not in my backyard now  extends to so many areas beyond nuclear power plants, mines and waste  dumps, including to some that at first site seem just plain puzzling.

But this is  the 21st Century reality and regional economic development policy and  practice must respond with more sophisticated analysis and tools.  Setting up a rival camp to outwit the NIMBYs and waging war to win the  media battle is a short-sighted, unsustainable approach.

This book  analyses what makes NIMBYism tick, surveys current best practive  regional economic development and posits a coherent, sustainable  approach to the creation of wealth and well being in communities.

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